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May 22, 2011

Birthday Cake

I have the sweetest husband ever.

No really, I do.

Yesterday, he threw me a surprise party for my 20th birthday, which isn't until Tuesday. :) Let me brag on him a bit...

He made a cake!

Mmmm! Butter cake and Chocolate Fudge layers. Four of them. With buttercream frosting. It was fantastic!
He claims that he has never made a cake in his life. He wouldn't let me help at all! He even cleaned up.

He decorated with balloons...

And he had people come over to surprise me!

There were some people I knew already, and some I had never met. We got to chat and eat (delicious!) cake, made by Josh, and drink (superb!) sweet tea, also made by Josh. We finished off the party by not seeing the end of the world (although we debated standing on the side of the road holding hands and looking skyward to wait for the predicted 6pm rapture). ;)

Once everyone had gone, we watched Star Wars III (we're currently going through ALL of the Star Wars movies, as well as the Star Wars Lego game for Wii) and took a lovely walk down the runway. It was the first truly warm day I have seen since coming to Michigan, and the rain we had earlier made it deliciously humid and nice. It was truly a beautiful birthday party. I am so blessed. :)

See, I do have the sweetest husband ever. :)

...I also have a lot of wonderful cake left over. We will never eat that much cake. And if we did, the WiiFit that he got me for my birthday (thank you Target giftcards!) would severely scold me.

Luckily for me, the A &P mechanics school is just across the pavement... :)