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May 20, 2011

New Beginnings

This is a new beginning, and the story of everything that happens. This is the story of Josh and Erin, and their life together.

We got married! April 16, 2011 is the day that our life together "officially" began. It was a happy day, that gave glory to God above all else. And we were delighted to find out that our wedding touched the hearts and lives of some, and started them thinking about a life with Christ.

Soon after that we packed up our things, said our "till next time"s to friends and family, cried a great deal, felt our hearts break, and left small-town Florida for even-smaller-town Michigan.

And that's where our story picks up.

We now have a small apartment in a Little House on the Airport. Josh is going to school to learn how to fly airplanes. I am looking for a job, and I experiment with cooking and write our story in the meantime. Together, we trust the Lord to provide (and boy does He ever!), play on the Wii, and take runway-light-lit walks on the runway. (Okay so that last part is a bit redundant, but you get the picture.)

Josh is working the paperwork for his visa and green card, so he can stay in the states. The Lord is working and providing for this, even though it's not as fast as we would want it to be.

I am done with school for now; at least until we can get Josh's green card and begin working on his citizenship (where we will need to be in one place for 5 years). I will work towards finishing my Bachelor's degree once we are settled; I have a year and a half left to go.

Our desire is to go into the field as missionaries, most likely to Papua New Guinea (the country where Josh grew up). Josh will be a bush pilot, and I will teach high school History. At least that's what we're planning right now. Obviously, the Lord may have other plans for our lives.

I will do my best to keep this blog updated with our adventures. But I don't make any promises...