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Jun 13, 2011

Excitement, Relief, & Sunshine

So you probably remember my (let's face it) pathetic plight about not knowing what to do in August, as far as... well, life is concerned.

Josh will be finished with his Instrument and Commercial ratings by August, and the new program at the school begins then, too. We're just about ready to send off our paperwork so Josh can get his green card. Processing time is right about 6 months. Until then, Josh cannot work.

But the Lord is big, and mighty, and amazing.

I can't believe we always forget that. He's so much bigger than anything we face here, but we always seem to think that this time He'll let us down.


Anyways, our options ended up being this:

1) Stay in Michigan.

With this option, I would work, and Josh would stay home, not getting the rest of his training.

The job interviews I had last week went very well, it sounded like they both were interested in taking me on. The first one isn't starting orientation or training for at least another 2 weeks. The second could only offer me 3 hours a week. They're both at least a 40 minute drive from here.

We really didn't like this option.

2) Move to my-home-town, Florida.

With this option I would work, and Josh could continue his training with the help of a friend who works at the flight school there, volunteer with the youth group at the church both of us call home, and be close to the many people we love.

We really, really like this idea.

So we spent a lot of time praying about our options, seeking wise council about it, agonizing over it, and going "AHH! What do we do!?!"

Finally, we decided. And that's what all the excitement is about.


As soon as Josh is done with his Instrument and Commercial training, we're planning on packing up, renting a moving van, towing the car, and heading down to Florida.

I called my former employers, to see if they would take me back. Both of them said yes. The dance studio is even considering offering more than 1 class for me to teach. Yay!

(By the way, the recital for my little clogging class was yesterday! I heard that they stole the show - atta girls! I am so proud of them, and can't wait to see all of their precious faces again!)

A friend from our church there also works at the flight school in Florida. Right after we made our decision he wrote to Josh. He OFFERED to work with him and our budget to get his CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), CFII (Certified Flight Instrument Instructor), ME (Multi-Engine), and MEI (Multi-Engine Instrument). He also has voiced an interest in hiring Josh as an instructor once he is eligible.

How amazing is God, that when we are unsure and taking a step of faith, that the Lord provides and reaffirms a decision for us. What a relief!

We're currently looking for a place to live, and we're being super frugal with our expenses so that we can stretch every dollar until we get to Florida and get an income.

Please continue to pray as we still (incredible, huh?) get worried about our decision and how we're going to afford it all.

What do you think about our decision to move to Florida??

We're definitely excited!