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Jun 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend & Job!(?)

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Mine was great! We spent Saturday with just Josh and I, getting stuff done around our Little House on the Airport. There's also a glider competition going on at the airport (see this article to learn more about gliders); so there are a bunch of people camping out on the airport and such. It doesn't make Josh or the other "real" pilots very happy, though. :) We also found out that Josh's flight instructor and his wife had their second baby that morning!

Sunday we went to church. We've been going to a big church about 30 minutes away. It's a little bit big for my taste, but it's a good church and the people are friendly. Then we had visitors that night! Some good friends of Josh's, and some new friends of mine came over and watched Tangled with us. Good thing I had already prepared a BIG crockpot of pulled pork.

(Picture taken by Emily B.)

Have I mentioned how much I love my slow-cooker?

Monday we got to visit some more friends in another town! It was nice to be able to fellowship with them, eat Brats, play with Lego's, and just relax.

(Picture by Michelle V.)

Now for the exciting news about yesterday. I decided to go out super hard-core on the hunt for a job. I went out armed with applications and a handful of resume's. The first place I walked into, Olivera's, scheduled me on the spot for an interview TODAY. It's at an Italian restaurant here in town, and would save me a LOT of gas money if I could work there.

I also went to Bath & Body Works> in the mall. I have previous experience with that company because I worked for Victoria's Secret when I was in Florida. She immediately said "No, we're not hiring." I told her that I had worked for VS, and she immediately responded with, "Well, we actually ARE hiring." Less than an hour later she called to schedule an interview for next week! I'll let you know how the interviews go. Please pray they would go well - we could really use a job!

Then we wrapped up the evening with a going away party for some new friends, who are on their way to Nebraska right now, following the Lord's leading. It was sad to see them go, but we had a good time of fellowship, prayer, and fun.

Oh, and Peppadew's.

I plan on making these one day.

Peppadew peppers with a piece of Italian sausage stuffed inside them and thrown on the grill. Sweet, spicy, delectable.

So how was your weekend??

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