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Jun 7, 2011

A Small Ramble, & Erin's Unfried Chicken

This week has been pretty uneventful.

The glider pilots left, so we again have the airport to ourselves. Yay! :)

There was some drug-running operation at an airport a few miles away. So everybody has been on high-alert, but we haven't seen anything.

...Although we do feel a little bit like cops when we see or hear people on the airport after hours. :)

There's been no word on a job for me, still. My interview at the Italian restaurant went well, but I haven't heard back yet. I have two more interviews on Thursday.

I'll let you know if I hear anything from them.

I never thought I would say this, but...

It actually does get hot in Michigan.

I know. Crazy. But true. I have been immensely enjoying the warm weather (and the wild flowers!!!), but it does get hot in our house. We've set up a sort of wind-tunnel through our house, where we use fans to blow air from the window-shaker AC unit in our bedroom throughout the house.

Josh and I have been thinking a lot about what's going to happen in August. We're still waiting on sponsorship, visa, and green card stuff. It looks like Josh won't be able to work for several more months (waiting for paperwork to clear and such). Please pray that it will all become clear to us. We know that the Lord is bigger than this, and that He knows what will happen, but in our weakness we can lose sight of this and worry. We're pursuing a few options, but right now everything is up in the air and unknown.

Gawsh, that was a depressing paragraph.

On a much happier note, however, Josh and I are looking at getting a puppy!

We're going to wait until after August, when we know what we're going to do, until we can actually afford a puppy, and are a little more settled, but we've been looking around and getting some ideas on breeds and such.

The one we've liked the most since we started looking was a precious Cairnoodle. Isn't that such a fun name? :) It looked sort of like this one in the picture, but cuter (if that's even possible!). It was more brown/wheaten color, and wasn't quite so fluffy. It's a mix between a Cairn Terrier and a Poodle.

I never thought I would see the day where I would acknowledge a poodle as a type of dog.

I don't do prissy dogs.

I'll let you know how our puppy decision progresses!

Okay, what I really wanted to share with you was this:

This is a recipe I adapted from a Taste of Home recipe... (See *'s for what I added).

Just make it. Trust me.

Even the picky-eaters in your house will love it.

Unfried Chicken
(printable recipe here)
Another way to cook it would be to put it in a pan that has a drip-pan, or some kind of rack to let the grease drain off the chicken and bake it the same way, just without all the grease.

Try it, and let me know what you think! :)