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Jun 20, 2011

Weekend Happenings + Chipmunks

I hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

I got to talk to my sweet daddy for a while, and wish him a happy Father's Day. Wish he could have been home or gotten to visit instead of just a phone call.

(Photo by John Pierce, Jr.)

By the way, John Pierce is the AMAZING photographer who was literally a God-send who took all of our wedding pictures. He is incredibly talented! Click on the link above and take a look at his stunning photography! You won't regret it! He has such a gift, and I am so glad that he shares it with the world!

(Especially me, the wanna-be photographer, who just melts when looking at gorgeous photography...)

In other news, the school here had their grand opening for the new building that they just finished. The building belongs entirely to the school, and will allow the students more space to do their studies. The mechanics school will be moving in there soon, and then the flight department will move into the old mechanics building (and out of our little house).

Check out the grand opening and a little bit about the school here!

Josh was finally able to go on his long cross-country flight. He flew to Pennsylvania to see friends, stayed the night with them, and flew back yesterday morning. This means that he can continue with his training, without having to keep watching the weather, waiting for a good spell so he could get this flight done. It's not hanging over his head anymore.

On his way home, he landed right in the middle of a fly-in. A sort of airshow that was going on at one of the smaller airports. While it meant he had to wait a little longer to get out of there, he did get to see the Air Force and one of their big planes.

This week there is a summer camp that the school puts on annually. There's a bunch of middle and high school students out here learning about and playing with the airplanes.

Good for the kids.

Bad for the flight students, who aren't getting to fly while the kids are using the planes.

Oh, well... The Lord knows.

Today we had a wonderful visit with friends! I knew them in Florida when I was little, and they spend their summers in Wisconsin with family. They came across the lake yesterday on the ferry to spend some time today with us before they go back to Wisconsin, taking the scenic route.

It was really a blessing to spend some time with them today! <3

We also found a little family of chipmunks today. There were 3 little babies on the sidewalk. We think they are orphaned. We did some research, and it looks like we could either:

1) Leave them alone. The mother might come back for them. Most likely, they will die.

2) Care for them. Feed them from an eye-dropper every few hours, keep them in a box with a heat source, and provide sticks and stuff for them to chew on as they get more active. Most likely, they will die once released in the wild.

By the way, it is illegal to keep chipmunks as pets.

So no matter what we do, the poor little things are going to die.

This of course makes my very big, soft, and animal-loving heart very sad, but seeing as how there are literally thousands of chipmunks at the airport, there has to be another chipmunk mommy who will find the babies and adopt them.

That's what I'm going to tell myself anyways...