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Jul 1, 2011

Summer + Fireflies

Summer is officially here!

The fireflies are out.
The Fourth of July is right around the corner.
The days are getting warmer.
The nights are getting balmy.
...all that's missing is my tan, but we'll get there.

To me, there is nothing that says "Summer is here!" more than fireflies. Little lights that float through the air with no particular place to go. Coming out only when the weather is warm, and always dancing just out of reach of little fingers attempting to catch them. I love how simple they are. So simple that it's almost magic.

This is one of my favorite songs about fireflies, childhood, dreaming, and magic. Listen to it, it might help you understand me a little bit better.

Last night, Josh and I saw an abundance of fireflies outside. We then proceeded to poke holes in the top of a pickle jar and run around catching the flying lights.

There's a field just across the road from our house. Last night, it was pitch black, and absolutely FILLED with fireflies. They were flying over the field, in the grass, twirling and dancing to an unheard song. It was beautiful!

I haven't done that since I was little. :)

...although, some could probably argue that I am still little.

I once wrote a story about fireflies and fairies when I was little. It was one of the first things I ever wrote, and I still have it today. Maybe someday I can actually share it with the world. My little Fairy Tree.

I wish I could capture the beauty and magic that is fireflies. Unfortunately, I am not that talented with a camera, and I don't think it's possible to trap the magic of fireflies in a picture.

Oh, well, I'll have to settle for these pictures I found on the internet...

I love summer.

I also love fall, winter, and spring. Each has something beautiful that just gives me great joy in my heart, and I love them all.

So this Fourth of July weekend we'll be sitting on the airport, watching the fireworks light up the sky and the fireflies dance in the field; and maybe make some smores over a bonfire. :)

What do you love the most about summer (or any season)? What are your plans for this Fourth of July weekend?