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Aug 11, 2011

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere...

For the last week, we have been diligently packing a little bit every day. We don't have enough stuff to warrant packing non-stop for days on end, so there are times of boredom around here. The flight office moved out of this building a few weeks ago, and so we now have two empty rooms... which are now filled with boxes. One room is packed, the other is empty. It's a system we have. We're now getting down to the wire, as we leave on Monday and will be arriving at our Florida apartment sometime on Tuesday.

We have also been incredibly blessed. Some friends of ours have given us a table and chairs (Thanks, Aunt Michelle!). Since we don't have any furniture of our own for when we get to Florida, this is quite exciting for us.

It's a nice little table, and came with an insert leaf and four chairs. We are so blessed!

Josh has been working very, very hard this last week, flying 5-7 hours a day just to finish. In order for him to be completely finished with his commercial license (and with his training at SMAT) he has to have:
-a minimum of 250 flight hours total
-at least 10 hours in the complex plane (has retractable gear)
-pass his written (passed!), oral, and practical exams (both scheduled for Saturday)

There have been some challenges to overcome concerning all of this. The complex airplane that he needs to use was broken; the engine temperature was too hot to be entirely safe. But Praise the Lord - it has been fixed and Josh has just about completed the required 10 hours in it. Yesterday they found a hole in the bottom of the plane that he was using primarily to get hours in. They're not sure who or what caused it, but it punctured 3 layers of steel, narrowly missing the fuel line.

So now he has to master the commercial maneuvers again in the complex airplane. Not impossible, but not the best time for the airplane to be broken. I'm confident that he will finish strongly, though; and tomorrow is graduation day!

We still have packing to do, but we're getting excited as the day gets closer. Maybe my next post will be from Florida!