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Aug 28, 2011

Happy Sunday

HI! I promise I haven't forgotten you, I just haven't had much time to write as of late. We have been busy little bees around here and have gotten a lot accomplished. I promise I will write more this week.

Let me give you the condensed version, so you don't mob me for not writing...

Josh has found a temporary work permit that we have filed, and he's been flying and getting involved at the airport. We also were scheduled for the immigration interview in September! Good stuff! Keep praying that the paperwork will go smoothly.

I have a lead on a possible teaching position (trying not to get my hopes up too high), which I should learn more about tomorrow; I have 2 other leads on jobs (my old job at VS, and U-Haul). Please pray that it will all work out; we could really use a steady income.

Oh, and dance class starts tomorrow - I'm super excited to get back to teaching!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! We're having a friend over for dinner tonight - first time entertaining since we moved here. (By the way, this is what we're having. :D)