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Aug 21, 2011

[New] Home, Sweet Home

I am so sorry that I've been missing in action for so long. The last week has been crazy with moving and unpacking. I hope you'll understand and forgive me! :)

Josh's last exam for his Commercial License was Saturday, unfortunately, due to bad weather it had to be delayed until Wednesday morning, which was the earliest time the examiner could do it. On Monday we were supposed to move out of our Little House on the Airport and the new family move in. Can you see the problem? hah. Fortunately, we have some generous friends who let us stay with them until Wednesday (Thanks, Paul and Lisa!).

Josh passed his check-ride with flying colors and we started the trip down to Florida right after it. We drove until the wee hours of the morning, when we crossed the Georgia line and caught a few hours of sleep and then kept on trucking.

It's amazing to me how different this move was from our last one. I feel bad about it, because... I don't really feel bad about leaving Michigan.

1200 miles later, we made it to Florida on Thursday afternoon, and it's been a whirlwind of unpacking, visiting friends and family, and getting settled in. Our apartment is bigger than we thought it was, which is a huge blessing. It's been fun finding places for everything, trying to best use the space we have. I'm even starting to imagine decorations for the holidays. It's a little early, I admit.

It's been wonderful being back in Florida. Not only have we been able to spend more time with friends and family, but we are overwhelmed with love from our church family, too. We've even signed up for the new members class! Oh, and we might have some good news about Josh finding work (sooner rather than later), but more on that once we know for sure - don't want to get any hopes up, yet!

Just wanted to catch you up, now I need to go buy groceries, hang up pictures, find some order in the chaos that is the bedroom, and maybe go to the pool. hah. I should be able to resume regular posting this week.

Thank you for praying us down to Florida!