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Sep 11, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Today is an important day for individuals, families, the church, the country, and the world as a whole. I'm just going to say it; I don't how to properly commemorate what happened on that day ten years ago. I don't think there are any words powerful enough to convey how important that day was in the shaping of our country.

I was in our classroom, Tuesday morning ten years ago, working on school when my mom got a phone call to turn on the news. We were just in time to hear what had happened and then see the second plane hit. It didn't seem real, it was like something out of a terrifying movie. I'll never forget the sight of people jumping out of the building to avoid the flames; it still makes my stomach clench when I think about it.

People always say: "Remember 9/11!"

My question is: how could you forget?

My prayer is that the Lord would continue to comfort all of those who lost people in the World Trade Centers, granting them the peace that surpasses all understanding; and that other will see His glory and His love, and come to know Him. America may not be a Christian nation, but He can still use us to show others His glory and His love.