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Oct 23, 2011

When the Lord is good, He is really good

All I have to say about this week is:


As I predicted last week, this past week has been very busy for our family. It didn't start off very well, but it sure ended that way.

Tuesday we had our Immigration Interview. It went badly to say the least. We were excited about going down to it. We had submitted all of the paperwork that we had meticulously gathered, checked, and double decked; and we were confident that we had nothing to worry about. When we finally got called in for our interview things started going downhill.

Our interviewer - a petite Asian woman with a bad attitude and very little English - barked all of her orders to us. Stand up. Raise your right hand. Show me.Show me.SHOW ME! She told us we were missing all kinds of paperwork, but couldn't tell us what. Misunderstood us at every turn, and had to be corrected by us about student visa immigration law. She also wanted proof that I went to Belgium and Josh came to Florida (flight tickets from 2 years ago), car insurance, health insurance, and how we knew our sponsors; none of which we had.

Needless to say we left feeling very discouraged. One of the things which stung the most was that these are people who are looking at our marriage and questioning the validity and sincerity of it.

We sang this song Wednesday night at youth group, and it really struck home. God can move the mountains. I saw this interview as a mountain, one that might lead to my beloved being deported. (My husband said "It's not a mountain; it's a small, Asian lady." Hah.)

Thursday Josh took the oral portion of his CFI exam, and passed with flying colors! That night we received a notification that Josh was approved for his green card! The next day Josh did the flying portion of his exam, and again passed! He starts working with his first student on Tuesday.

When the Lord is good, He is really good. :) Happy Sunday!