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Nov 3, 2011

Lovely Autumn

It's officially Autumn in Florida! We've had Fall Festivals, Coon Hollow Corn Maze, pumpkin carving, salted caramel mocha, Reformation Day, long sleeves, boots, and scarves.

True, it's still about 80 degrees (that's about 26 for my international family), but since I can wear long sleeves and boots, I certainly will. Much to my husband's chagrin, I am already getting into the holiday spirit. hah. I've even finished some of my Christmas shopping. :)

Josh finally got his green card in the mail! It really is green. Who knew? He's been working very hard with his students already, and has a lot more planned for them. I am so proud of his and all of his hard work!

I have been offered more days at the Reading Clinic! That means less days at VS, a bigger pay check, and a happier Erin; it means I won't work nights (except for dance) or weekends. We're going to start slow, only adding 1 day a week (bringing my total to 3), and then going Monday through Friday starting in January.

Josh and I still need to talk and pray about it, but it looks promising. It could mean cutting my 3 jobs down to just 2. I have some reservations about this, but mostly because I'm thinking really, really, really far ahead, and carrying burdens that are not my own. Could you pray with us that God's will and direction would be clear to us in this?

Have a lovely Autumn weekend! <3

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