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Dec 5, 2011

Our First Little Christmas Story; Part 1: Decking the Halls

Let me tell you our first little Christmas story. It's going to be a favorite of mine, because it's full of laughter.

Some good friends of ours gave us their old Christmas trees to use. So we carefully took it out of the box... I was standing on the ledge (toes safely away from possible creepy crawleys), and had everything we would need to set the tree to rights.

It had been in a box in an attic for a long time. I wasn't taking any chances.

Several of the branches had come off, and the little plastic pins that hold them in place were missing. In their place, however, were several quite mangled hair pins. Can you tell that this tree came from a family with just girls?

So what does my creative, engineering husband do?

Yes, my friend, he is shaving pencils.

Did you know that you have to buy the hooks for ornaments? I feel like this is probably common knowledge for most people. Our ornaments are held on the tree with paperclips.

We're finished! I think it's quite enchanting. :) Here are some of my favorite details from our decorating fun!

1. Ornament from best friend (and MOH), Sarah. One of my favorite details!

2. Our tree topper! Josh says it's "very Erin." Whatever that means? P.S. I made that little garland in the window!

3. Ornament from mother-in-love two Christmases ago in Belgium. My first real snow!

4. I only have 3 people left to shop for on my Christmas list. Yep. It's a good feeling.

It's been a nice week of decorating, pine-scented candles, and Christmas music; and it was made even better by the Advent service last night at church! This Christmas season is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable I've ever had. No rush, no drama, no fussiness.

Speaking of no fussiness, we're hosting Christmas this year, which means I'm in charge of food. I'm really, really excited! Once I have the menu finalized, I'll share it with you! It's going to be super simple and super delicious.

Hope you have as much fun decorating as I have! Merry Christmas!

Love always,