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Dec 12, 2011

Our First Little Christmas Story; Part 2: Surprise Present

Saturday we received the best Christmas present! (Apart from the birth of our Savior, of course, but that's another story for another time.)

(image: Pinterest)

My father-in-law showed up!!

For those who don't know, Josh's parents are missionaries in Papua New Guinea - that's the other side of the world, people. His position there, however, found them traveling to the states for meetings. After some finagling, they arranged to have all of the meetings at the NTM headquarters - in Sanford, FL.

(image: John Pierce, Jr.)

Once they knew his meetings would be just 2 hours drive from here, they began to plot. Pretty soon, they knew when and where Josh would get off, what our plans were for the weekend, and that my house would be completely clean (Saturday is cleaning day).

When Josh and Koen walked in the door ("Look what I found on the street..."), I was completely and wonderfully surprised to see him standing there! I'm not ashamed to say that I even cried a tear or two of joy.

We promptly canceled all of our plans for the weekend, and spent the evening catching up, going to dinner, and watching Cars 2.

He brought this along, too. Isn't it simply GORGEOUS?! Pictures don't do it any. justice. at. all. Josh's dear mother made it for our first Christmas. I can't tell you how special it is to me. I couldn't wait to hang it up!

He'll be here until the 21st, mostly in meetings, but we're planning on spending whatever time we can together before he goes back home; I know he's missing his bride.

Folks, I've just got to say this. Make sure you treasure the moments you have with the ones you love. Here. Now. Today. Because this moment won't ever. happen. again. Don't rush through it, or make a fuss in order to "treasure" it. Be here, be now, and just let it happen.

By the way, it's now less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Sing songs and be joyous because HE is born!

Merry Christmas!! :)