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Dec 30, 2011

Our First Little Christmas Story; Part 5: New Year's Eve

I love everything about the Christmas season. I love the cold weather, the evergreens, and decorations (especially the twinkling white lights). I love the baking, family time, and the general warmth and love that surrounds everything. I love that it's all about Christ becoming man just for me (and you). It gives my big ol' squishy heart all kinds of warm fuzzies.

(image via Tiger.Lim/Pinterest)

Despite all of this, I do not like New Year's Eve. I never have. There's just something about saying farewell to the old year, and greeting the new year that causes my heart to be sad.

I'm not talking like, mopey, depressed kind of sad, more like... It makes me sad to see the old year go with all it's beautiful and wonderful moments, even while I'm looking forward to all of the new, beautiful, and wonderful moments the new year has to offer.

(image via TinyWhiteDaisies/Pinterest)

It is highly likely, however, that it is just the history buff in me being too sentimental.

This New Year's Eve, I have much higher hopes of enjoying myself. We're hosting a small gathering at our house (heh, it still makes my heart smile to play hostess). We'll have friends and family over for food and fun. Think Wii, projector, and an entire wall devoted to entertainment and merriment. As to fireworks, I'm not sure that our apartment complex would allow it, but we'll see.

(image via Wicked Paper Co.)

So it's that time of year when people reflect on the past year and start making resolutions that 1) they don't intend to keep, or 2) are so extravagant that they couldn't possibly keep them. My challenge for you (including myself), is to focus on one word (or two) for the year and kind of make that your theme. It could be anything: deeper, courageous, trusting, believing, loving, purposeful, gentle, kind, bold, etc. Just see how the Lord brings it up throughout the year, and how you can become more (insert your chosen word).

(image via Pinterest)

This has been a big year in our lives. There have been bright, golden, sunny, and beautiful moments. There have also been dim and sad moments when the sun has hidden behind the clouds. Luckily for me, there have been a great many more of the former moments than the latter. This makes my heart exceedingly joyful. :)

(image via Une-Deux Senses/Pinterest)

I think this might be my last post of 2011, seeing as we only have a couple of days before 2012 blooms bright, shiny, and new. So let me just say, thank you. You can't possibly know how much it means to me that you read about our little lives with such interest and constantly shower your love on us in more ways than you know. Thanks.

Don't forget to eat your black eyed peas and greens on Sunday!
Happy New Year!!