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Jan 21, 2012

Garden ♥ Love

image via Julien Denoyer

Christmas is over, so it must be spring now, right? Right?

It's official. I have been bitten by the garden bug. Growing up we always had a garden. My Dad and Brother would test and till the soil; then Mom and I would spend hours tending our little plant babies. I distinctly remember an entire summer spent at the kitchen sink paring and canning pounds and pounds of squash, beans, and pickles. And of course talking and laughing.

image via Pinterest
(I must admit, this idea greatly appeals to me.)

We all learned a lot that year, and in the many gardening years to follow. We learned that we cannot grow strawberries; and that green garden snakes look just like vines, but you still shouldn't step on them. When we eventually ran out of time and resources to maintain our extravagant garden, I was a little bit heart broken.

Now, every spring, without fail, I start daydreaming about seeds, soil, and fresh produce.

image via Pinterest

I live in a beautiful apartment now, which means there's no backyard for a garden; but since I've been on a little apartment-love journey of my own, I am determined that not having a backyard will not stop me from having my own garden.

Our church is starting a garden where people can reserve plots, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to give my garden the love it deserves there; I think that a garden on my balcony would be easier to love on before and after work each day (so it wouldn't be adding too much to my busy schedule).

image via Pinterest

Introducing... The Container Garden.

A container garden is just like it sounds. So today, spurred on by the gorgeous weather, I measured and mapped out my balcony, researched planting calendars, and looked at seeds. I think with a combination of pots and trellises, along with small/dwarf variety plants, it would be pretty, functional, and cost-effective, and not cluttered or tacky.

I still have to convince Josh that adding a garden is a good idea, but he seems to get some enjoyment out of my hair-brained schemes (and yes, I fully understand that this is a hair-brained scheme), so we'll see.