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Mar 19, 2012

Drink the Wild Air

photo courtesy of Katie Daisy

Today is Josh's birthday! He doesn't like celebrating his birthday a whole lot, but we've had kind of a birthday weekend for him; lots of small parties with various people. We had dinner at my parents' Friday night, and dinner at our adopted parents' last night. Games and his favorite cake (white cake, white frosting, and white lifesavers on top{although we forgot those this time}) included. We also got the chance to meet up with an NSA friend we've known for a long time, but never met face-to-face. She's a sweetheart, and we were more than happy to introduce her to her first ever glass of sweet tea.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

I'll be pretty quiet for the rest of the week, seeing as how we're heading to the beach today, and we're not planning on being back until Wednesday night. But don't worry, regular posting will resume after that.

Have a lovely week!