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Mar 11, 2012

Buckets of Dirt

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

Right now it just looks like some buckets of dirt, but it's finally done. Yesterday, I had a lovely day out with my mom, and I planted my garden. Hooray!

I bought my seeds from Eden Brothers, and found or created pots from materials on hand (or at my parents' house), my plant markers are clothes pins clipped to the edge of the pot.

Meet the cast:
Sugar snap peas, lettuce, cornflowers, basil, rosemary, green onions, zinnia's, straightneck summer squash, pickling cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (for the TopsyTurvy), and phlox (for the hummingbirds). Speaking of hummingbirds, I found this yesterday, too! Isn't it lovely?

I found some delightful hand-tuned wind chimes as well. They sound like a tiny fairy is casting sweet little charms over my garden when they chime. Unfortunately, Josh doesn't care too much for them, so I have to either return them, give them to mom, or only put them up when Josh isn't home. Now I'm just praying that everything grows; I think a small part of me would wither inside if it all died.

Am I completely mad?  ; )

Other things we're looking forward to:
-Meeting an NSA friend this afternoon, who happens to be in Florida right now. Exciting!
-Spring break starts Friday afternoon.