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Apr 27, 2012

Be Awesome.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Was last night a full moon? I think it had to have been, in order to explain this day that I've had. It's been loud, stressful, and just too much. On top of that, I'm currently battling a monster of a headache. But I honestly believe that bad days are a choice; you can choose to let the bad day get to you, or you can choose to let go, let God, and be awesome. So I'm still planning on having an awesome day!

The last week has been long for me, and I feel like I've just run myself into the ground.  However, tomorrow is our Women's Retreat at church, and even though I'm still teaching a class, I'm really looking forward to the time of prayer and fellowship. It's going to be awesome!

This past week, Josh went out and hung up my Topsy Turvy. It took a few trips to the hardware store, but he managed to get it hung up for optimum sun exposure, and it's a good height so that short-little-me can actually water it. My tomatoes are small right now, but I have hope! The rest of my garden is doing okay, too. My peas were beaten by the Florida heat, but I got three whole peas off of it! My squash and cucumber plants have some kind of mildew on the leaves, I trimmed the infected leaves off, so they kind of look naked right now; but I have some tiny squash and cucumbers growing, though!

I hope that you've had an awesome day, or if you haven't, that you can make it an awesome day!