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May 20, 2012

Blog Birthday!

photo courtesy of Pinterest
Today is my blog's birthday!

One year ago, I sat at the desk in our Little House on the Airport in Michigan and created this blog. I didn't know if anyone would read it, but I did it anyways. As I've said before, this blog helped me to heal. At the time, Josh was studying and flying most of the time, and we were both learning how to be married. Josh was extremely patient and supportive as I fought loneliness and sadness, basically depression at being transplanted to isolated Michigan. Writing about every day life, building a support system that would never be farther away than my computer, and of course, resting in God's grace helped the little cracks in my heart to heal.

Okay, enough with the heavy. This is a birthday, after all!

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Thanks for being there for me, reading this blog even when there's not a whole on here, getting excited when we get excited, and lifting us up when we get down. You're the reason that I keep on writing.  :)

Other exciting things from this week, and a look ahead:
-Dinner with new friends.
-Memorial Day.
-End of the school year.
-17 days until our cruise!