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May 14, 2012

Hugs by the Dozen

photo courtesy of Pinterest

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a wonderful Mother's Day. Hopefully you got to spend time with your mama and give her the loving that she deserves.

This weekend, we watched my mom walk across the stage to accept her Bachelor's Degree. Mom, I am so proud of you! We spent the afternoon celebrating with her (and my dad, grandma, brother, and friends). It was a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother's Day by going to church and giving out hugs by the dozen to our "mama's." Unfortunately, we weren't able to hug on Josh's mama, but we spent the afternoon visiting with them through Skype. It's hard with the time difference, but the time we do get to spend with them, even through a webcam, is precious. Josh and I spent the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing; it was one of the most restful and relaxing days I've had for a while.

photo courtesy of Southern Weddings

I want to apologize for being so distant lately. I've had a lot on my mind, and it's been dragging me down a little bit. Don't worry, it's nothing serious, but one thing I can do, is ask for you to pray for me; that the Lord's will would be clear, and most importantly, that I could trust in His timing. The Lord cares about what we care about; He takes care of the big things, and the little things, too.


  1. It was a wonderful Saturday, all day. One of those perfect happy days, and great to see you and Josh again for just a lazy afternoon of nothing-doing and celebration for Mom's achievements. Thanks for making it wonderful!

  2. Knowing that you and Josh and those I care about were in the audience made me so proud! I love you all so much. I love my flowers! I cherish the times I get to see you. Praying. I love you! Mom