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Jun 14, 2012

Anniversary Cruise

We're back! The last week or so has been so wonderful, and so busy. This past weekend, we spent four days and three nights on a cruise ship in the Bahamas; our one year anniversary present. It was delightful! We spent most of our time on the back deck of the ship, sitting in the hot tub (Josh), lounging on the deck chairs with a book (me), and relaxing the entire time. It was the first cruise either of us had taken, and we were not disappointed.

We opted out of a shore excursion and scurried about the ship, unhindered by crowds, and got a couples massage instead. That was another first for me, and oh man, was it wonderful. If you want to see some other pictures from our trip, click here.

All this week, we have both been pretty busy. I've been teaching VBS, and doing rehearsals all week for our big dance production on Saturday. It should be phenomenal! Josh is finishing up almost all of his students, so things are slowing down a bit for him; but he has a few quick turn students coming up in the next few weeks to keep him busy.

Other exciting upcoming events:
-Some friends are getting married Saturday! Wish we could be there, but they're coming to Florida next week, so we still get to party with them!
-Beauty and the Beast is this weekend! Ahh!
-RYM is in a week and a half!

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  1. I love the pictures, makes me hopeful to one day take a cruise! Thank you for sharing them.