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Jun 22, 2012


Hi! I'm going to start a new series on here (well, I'm going to try!) and call it "InstaFriday." I recently discovered Instagram, and then found out that it was free, and then found out it was for Android, too, and got excited.

Like six year old girl excited.

I'm going to bring back Happy Sunday, too. I feel like this will help me 1) to be more consistent in my writing, and 2) help me get past writers' block, which seems to plague me a lot lately. Besides, sometimes words aren't necessary.

I've been feeling under the weather all week, and let Josh take the car to work everyday, so there wasn't a whole lot that went on. I read my Kindle, watched the entire season of Downton Abbey on Netflix, cleaned house, watched three Harry Potter movies, both Sherlock Holmes movies, and watched Captain America for the first time.

It sounds like I'm super lazy from that paragraph. Yikes.

Yes, I know that quote is from The Avenger's, but it's Captain America, and I like it. It made me go "YEAH!" in theaters when we saw it a few weeks ago.

I think Josh is getting impatient for my tomatoes to turn red. He's been out there watering, pruning, and altogether babying the plants. We now have about eight tomatoes, and all of them are stubbornly green.

Today mom rescued me from boredom, and we went out to breakfast, and walked around the mall for a while. I think we may have tried on every. single. pair. of silly sunglasses in Claire's. It was awesome. Oh, and that deliciously huge sun hat? It's normally $20; I got it for $5. We also bought these fantastic headbands with flowers in them. Have I ever mentioned that I'm actually a flower-child?

What we're looking forward to:
-Tomorrow, our newlywed friends come to visit! So excited to see them again!
-I leave on Monday for RYM. Can't wait! Josh might need some company while I'm away, and a square meal might not hurt either.

What did you do this week?