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Jun 29, 2012


Last weekend we had some friends come into town for a night. It was nice to spend time with some newlyweds the same age as us. We introduced Stephanie to Chick-Fil-A, and had a nice evening just hanging out.

Monday I set out for the beach! We took a group of six girls and two chaperones, including me (hi, Hannah!), and had a wonderful week! The Lord literally moved a tropical storm out of our way so that this conference could happen. God moved, hearts were broken, lives were impacted (and tans were had!).

mermaid chaperones
Connie Stewart's all-girl class

free day = tie dye tshirts
I'd like to do a short series of posts about some of the stuff we learned about this week, because it's so awesome and eye-opening; but right now, I'm exhausted, and Josh just got home, so I'm going to go catch up on my hugs.  : )