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Jul 6, 2012


Happy (belated) Independence Day! We had the opportunity to fly over to Sanford to spend time with some friends, sit on the beach, and watch the fireworks. It was a blessing to catch up with friends and just relax; Josh has been so busy lately, that it was nice not to have anything to do for a whole day. Yesterday, my mom and grandmother and I had our own girl's coffee and donuts date; I recently discovered Dunkin Donut's iced latte's, and I think I'm in love.

I'm planning on adding more to my series about RYM soon; you can read the first one HERE.

By the way, please keep Mimi in your prayers; she's the grandmother and great-grandmother of some dear friends of ours. She was in a bad accident in her golf cart, she suffered a broken arm and a severed artery; she came out of surgery last night and seems to be on the mend, however, infection is the biggest fear now. She's a trooper, but prayer is powerful!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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