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Jul 24, 2012

Meet Lewa.

Meet our little puppy, Lewa.

We flew up to Keystone this past weekend to pick her up at the breeder's, and have been spending the rest of the week chasing her and loving on her, hence the reason that I have been scarce on here. Lewa (pronounced "Lay-wa") is a 9 month schipperke .

What? I know, you've never heard of that... neither had I. Schipperke's are originally Belgian dogs who belonged to boat skippers; their name literally means "little captain." They are good apartment dogs, and are extremely loyal to their families. We named her Lewa, after the PNG Pidgin word for love... it also means liver, but we're gonna go with love in this case.

The Grass Roots Guide to Papua New Guinea Pidgin by Bob Browne
Pictures don't really do our little fluff-ball justice, because she just won't sit still long enough for a picture. She looks like a little bear cub, and it's been fun with people asking us if we really had a bear cub for a pet.

We're already in love with her, although last night she barked all. night. long. and I was pretty sure that Josh was ready to send her back to the breeder's; but this morning she was all cuteness and he was loving on her like best friends.

Another awesome thing about these dogs, is that even with all. that. hair. they only shed twice a year, and it can be dealt with as easily as going to a groomer twice a year. That's what I'm talking about.

Right now, she's pretty timid, absolutely terrified of stairs and doors, and a bit shy around new people, but with enough loving, snuggling and some peanut butter, she's coming around. Saturday is the first day of Puppy Obedience School, so we'll see how that goes!