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Sep 10, 2012

Weekend with Friends

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Ours was quite lovely. Saturday was spent in Gainesville with the girls, shopping for dresses and making new friends. Mallory, my brother's fiance, found a beautiful gown that she looks stunning in; and we got some great ideas for bridesmaid dresses. I had fun just running around the shop in pretty dresses all morning - guess I still like playing dress up.

Uncle Tim arrived late Saturday night and spent all day Sunday with us. It was great to fellowship and catch up on things; his lovely wife, Aunt Kay to us, added this little gem to my {solar-powered} window garden. Isn't it lovely? It's so bright and cheery. They're not really our Aunt and Uncle, but those in the mission field work so closely as a spiritual-family that they might as well be blood-family, too.

This weekend we're going camping with some friends, and we are both really excited. Josh gets to use his favorite hammock again, and is even designing some kind of portable base for his hammock - he started last night, and the math was so crazy that I just gave up and went to bed before my head started to hurt. At least he understands it - he's smart that way.

So that's a little look into our weekend - nothing too exciting, I'm still trying to shake the last bit of this cold, but it was nice and relaxing.

Happy Monday!