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Oct 6, 2012

Since the Call

It's been a week and a half since we got the call from NTMA asking us to come serve as missionaries in Papua New Guinea, and almost a week since I told all of you about it. I can not tell you enough, how thankful we are to you for being so supportive of us as we take this next step in our lives!

This last week and a half has been a process of adjusting, telling friends and family, and imagining life in PNG. It's included more than my fair share of ridiculous questions, like "Can I buy shampoo there? What about toothpaste? What is cooking like there? Can I wear tshirts?"

I feel like our lives have split into: before the call {from NTMA}, and since the call. Weird.

NTM Aviation - Cessna 206 in PNG
Once Josh and I adjusted to the news ourselves, which took me longer than it took Josh, we began to feel true excitement, and could clearly see God's sovereign hand at work in our lives.

So since I love lists, here's a rundown of what we've done so far since the call:

-We told Josh's parents; they're excited about our calling, and that we might be neighbors within the next year!
-We told my parents; they're excited for us and supportive, but also sad that we'll be so far away.
-We told our church, and had our Missions Coordinator and his wife over for dinner; they're supportive, and we're talking about the process to have our home church be our commissioning church.
-We booked our tickets for the evaluation in McNeal, Arizona. We leave Oct. 16 and get back late on Oct. 24th. While we're there, they will evaluate Josh's flying and our readiness together.
-We told our bosses. They are both very supportive and excited for us!
-We attended a Hoedown at our church for the "Young at Hearters," where I did a little clogging show, and a few even got up to learn a dance! Then they completely surprised us by gathering around us to shower their love on us, pray for us, and basically pledged their prayer support. The love and community in our church just floors me.

These lovely ladies were GREAT sports! One of the ladies brought in her square dance costumes to decorate the hall, and was disappointed that no one would wear one with her. Never one to pass up an opportunity to dress up, I pulled one off the wall and recruited some more costume wearers. We were quite the troop!!

The Lord has been good to us, and He has provided and guided our lives in amazing ways, that only He can.

Thanks for being part of our journey!!

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