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Nov 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I know I've been quiet lately, but being "unplugged" lately has been really nice; I'm not sure that my words have come back yet, but it's getting there. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

The first few days of Thanksgiving week we ran a daycare at the school for those kids whose parents couldn't take a whole week off. The kids played games, read books, pieced together puzzles, performed science experiments, and tie-dyed shirts.
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Josh and I spent the first part of Thanksgiving Day sleeping in and catching up on our Netflix cue. Then we went over to my parent's house for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and of course, collard greens {and sweet potato pie, key lime pie, and miniature pecan swirls!}. It was nice to get to spend that time with them. After that, we went over to our adopted family's house for a game of cards {and maybe a piece of pie or two}. So we got to spend the day with those who are dear to us, which we are so thankful for!

Yesterday, Josh and I drove over to Sanford and had lunch with a sweet NTM couple who just got back from PNG. It was fun to meet new people, hear about PNG, and just talk. After that, we had an impromtu visit with John {who took our wedding pictures!}, before stopping at two roadside stands on the way home. Josh knows how much I love those little stands, so we are making a "new tradition" to stop at some when we go to Sanford, instead of our usual stop for donuts. To put the icing on the cake, we got to Skype with Josh's parents when we got home!

via NBWildflowers
Overall, it has been a lovely week of relaxation, family, and food. God has blessed us so much, opened so many doors, and let us peek into His plan for us {at least for the next year or so}, and we are humbled, grateful, and excited about what else He will do in our lives!

How was your Thanksgiving? What are some traditions you can't do without?