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Dec 27, 2012

His Name Shall Be Called

photo courtesy of Pinterest

Christ is born!! Glorify Him!!

It has been a very busy time since school got out last week, and it felt like we just went from one thing to another with no stops in between. Thankfully, however, we've had the last few days to really relax.

First, let me congratulate my baby brother, Stephen, and his new bride, Mallory! The wedding (12/21/12) was lovely and sweet. He was a handsome groom, and she, a beautiful bride. They left yesterday for Fort Lewis, Washington. God speed them and keep them safe on their journey!

Every year, I look forward with great anticipation to Christmas Eve service at church. I sing in the choir, so I get to see every person who comes into our doors to hear the Good News of Christ's birth, and get to celebrate with them! This year, it was especially lovely, despite the little ones in the front row wiggling and talking, or the little one in the back who kept saying "Fire! Fire, Daddy!" when the candles were lit. There's something beautiful about celebrating the birth of the Savior with complete strangers - even if we don't know each other, we can still love and celebrate our Lord together. It seemed that every little thing was beautified magnificently that night, but I suppose that could have just been the candlelight. After the service we went to our adopted family's house for dinner and fellowship. There was much laughter, love, and joy.

Christmas morning dawned bright and beautiful. We slept in late, had "apocalypse bagels" for breakfast, and caught up on Once Upon A Time {the newest show we're watching}. By then, it was time to start cooking, and shortly after that, my parents and grandmother arrived; unfortunately, Stephen and Mallory couldn't join us, and with the rest of our family living out of the country, we were rather small in number at the table. However, we ate until we were stuffed, chatted over coffee, and Josh played a few games on the Wii with my mom. Later that evening, we went to my parents' house for a small bonfire, well-wishes, and our own "til next time"s with Stephen and Mallory.

Yesterday meant back to work for Josh, and since my mom needed some cheering up, we had a girls day, complete with hot tea, soup, and salad. Later on, Josh came home with flowers and movie tickets to see The Hobbit! Surely, he spoils me.

I hope you had a blessed holiday!