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Jan 25, 2013


Happy Friday to you, and congratulations!! You made it through the week!

It was a four-day weekend with MLK day, and we came back to school on Tuesday where the kids presented their projects. Each month they study a different continent, and each student gets their own country on that continent to do their project on; at the end of the month we "fly" to that continent and "visit" each country, and then eat food from those countries for lunch. To date we've been to Europe, Asia, and this month we went to Australia. So far, I've been a stewardess, air marshal, and on our last flight to the land down under, I was the pilot. Whoop!

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about this one. One of the boys got Papua New Guinea to study, he showed up in a fantastic costume, and my heart was full of excitement about my new {future} home. I even wore my lap-lap {kind of like a wrap-skirt} to school in honor of the day. And ate Vegemite {which is pretty nasty, in my opinion - but I tried it nonetheless!}. I'm not sure if those things make me cool, sentimental, or totally weird. What do you think? Never mind, I'm not sure I want to know...
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I find myself getting more and more excited the closer we get, and the more we learn. There is no doubt in my mind that it is because of God's grace, because just last week I was freaking out about getting on the plane and leaving; not being in a third world country with limited resources, where all 10 of Animal Planet's "Most Deadly" animals live, where I don't know the language, where most of the people don't know Christ, and where everything is completely different from anything I've ever known - nope, just getting on the airplane and leaving. But His grace is more than enough.

Anyways, we have finally finished all of our paperwork for the associate application process! Josh has been very busy the last couple of days making sure we have everything we need. We're going down to Sanford on Monday to have another interview, this time with the associate board - pray that it will all go smoothly! I'm pretty sure that once we get past that we can really get cracking on our fundraising. If you want to get involved or help us out at all, just send me an email and I'll let you know how!

So what are your plans for the weekend? Mine include sleep and laundry. How about you?