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Mar 13, 2013

A List

1. I drank espresso yesterday, and the nap I had planned to take turned into this. I can't really explain more than that. This is my life.

2. Once Upon A Time {my latest television obsession} has been amazing lately, and Sunday's episode was just... wow. I can't wait {and am terrified - Snow!!!} to see what happens next! Any other Oncers out there? We should talk, although I can't promise not to fan-girl. If you're not a fan yet, you should definitely watch Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

3. Josh and I went to the adult Bible class on Wednesday night, and loved it! Normally, we go to the youth group, which I've attended/volunteered with for almost five years, but lately it hasn't felt right. We're kind of in-between places right now - a lot of people see us as part of the youth group, even though we're married, and as a result, people don't look at us as adults. Is there a socially acceptable way to be fun-loving, geeky, and exuberant AND be mature, godly, and grown-up? It's like I have to fight my youth/age so I don't automatically get lumped together with the teenagers, assistants, and college kids. One day I'll wish I could be lumped with them; but right now, I want to be seen for myself - independent and confident in my own right with my own merits - and not simply judged by what most 20-somethings are. Oh the struggles of an old soul in a young body...

4. I think my phone possessed by gremlins. Earlier this week it: turned the screen off and wouldn't turn it back on, erased all of my contacts then added them back three times each, deleted all of my pictures, and now it beeps and rings with no way to turn it off. There may be a phone murder around here soon.

5. We got our acceptance packet from NTBI this week, and found out that we'll be in a studio apartment {15 X 30} with our own bathroom {yes!}. Now I'm looking at our things, which really aren't that many, and wondering how on earth they'll fit in that space without looking cluttered. Any tips you want to share will be appreciated!

Hope you're having a great week!