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Mar 4, 2013

Hello, March

Spring has NOT sprung yet, and I am a little upset about it. Here in Florida, we should be talking about warm weather, going tubing, and swimming by now. Instead, I scraped ice off of my windshield so I could get to work this morning. Not okay. I guess this is what we get for not really having any kind of winter this year...

Anyways, we found out recently that we were accepted to NTBI {New Tribes Bible Institute} for this upcoming fall semester in Waukesha, Wisconsin! Woohoo! Once we heard that, it seemed like all I heard about was how much snow and cold weather they were having up there -- there were reports of -30F temperatures in Waukesha.

Can you bottle Florida sunshine for later use? I have a feeling I might need it.

This past weekend the girls in our youth group did a beauty night, only a couple showed up, but we had a great time. There was food, Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightley), nail polish, giggling, and of course...
Sarah and I with home made chocolate face masks!
Chocolate face masks! I mean, come on - we put chocolate on our faces {and we may or may not have eaten some of it, too}. We were a bit skeptical as to its beautifying properties, but surprisingly, it made our skin super soft, with the added bonus that we smelled like brownie batter for the next couple of hours. I think it's made of cocoa powder, oatmeal, honey, and cream. I'm not a super girly girl, so this was fun to let loose and just be silly for a while. 
{The boys of the youth group retaliated by having a guys night, where they learned how to grill meat. Mmm. Grunt, grunt, manlymansounds.}

Other than that, our lives aren't super exciting lately. There is another photo-a-day challenge for March, which I would really like to do, but I always seem to forget about it, and end up doing two or three pictures in one day. I managed to not get too far behind in February, so let's see how I do in March! :)

Hope you have a great week!