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Apr 9, 2013

Easter Recap

I know Easter was more than a week ago now... I'm running behind in my blogging.

What are some of your Easter traditions? Growing up we didn't make a big fuss over holidays. Generally we would go to Easter morning service at church, and then we would spend the afternoon with family. There was usually a basket (with a new outfit - spiffy!) and maybe an egg-hunt, and always lunch. Since we got married, Josh and I are working to make our own traditions, but still love our old ones.

Our church does services all of Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter), and this year was really special to me. It's the same story, the same traditions, but this year it was different. It hit me so hard what Jesus did and endured for me. Our Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services were so beautiful and intimate; they were held in the evening, with minimal lighting, Psalms reading all day, extraordinary singing, and a somber attitude. At one point all lights were extinguished except for one, which was carried out; in the remaining darkness, after a few moments, John 3:16 was recited and the light carried back in. Jesus is the Light of the world, and He is the Hope that remains. Beautiful. Intimate. Heartbreaking.

Josh and I on Easter morning at church.
But that just makes Easter morning dawn that much brighter! If you've never been to a sunrise service, you are seriously missing out. We began in darkness, a few candles here and there; it was quiet, but there was a tangible excitement buzzing through the room - Christ is risen! As the morning dawned, Scripture was read, Psalms were sung, truth was spoken, and Jesus was exalted. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, and we as His children are raised with Him, spread powerfully and joy bubbled up from a deep well inside my heart. This year was probably the most exciting and moving service I've ever been to.

After that service, it was time for breakfast, a short time to nap/relax, and then back to church for the regular service. Once that was finished (and by that point we'd been awake for 8 hours), it was time for lunch. We went to my parents' house first, where we ate and relaxed with them for a time {mom even had an Easter basket for us with candy and goodies!} before going to Josh's "American parents'" house for the rest of the afternoon.

At the end of the day, we were physically exhausted, but spiritually refreshed. It's so wonderful to spend time in the presence of God's people, being filled with Him, and singing His praises.

Now, I'll leave you with this beautiful resurrection song by Keith & Kristyn Getty. Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!