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Apr 19, 2013

Sun 'n Fun

I'm back! The last week has been crazy, and I'm still trying to catch up from it.

This weekend we took off to Lakeland to go to the Sun 'n Fun airshow! We went last year, too, and had a blast. Last year we flew in with several students from the flight school, but this year we decided to drive ourselves. Driving was much more relaxed that flying, because we weren't constantly watching the weather, or the time, to make sure we were out at just the right time (after the first show, before the second show). We were able to walk around, see most of the tents and booths, and saw the whole show. I didn't think it was as good as last year's show, but they had some pretty amazing pilots out there, doing some pretty incredible stunts. I'm thankful that Josh is sensible enough to not be a stunt man.

Josh standing next to MAF's Kodiak, which was damaged in the tornado at Sun 'n Fun several years ago, sold to MAF for a discount, completely repaired, and now on it's way to serving tribal people!
We also got to hang out at the New Tribes Mission tent! It was so great to connect with them, and we were able to make some plans with representatives who live somewhat nearby to help with our partnership development! Unfortunately, that picture kind of "broke" when I dropped my phone later that day, and of course I forgot the camera, so there aren't many pictures from that day...

This is the crew of the Yellow Rose. A B51 "Mitchell" bomber. It flew in the show, later on!
After the show, we drove home and crashed. Sunday I tried to do all of my house cleaning and laundry, before the work week started. Then Monday afternoon we took off to celebrate our anniversary! That deserves a post all by itself, so check back later on this week to see that! I brought my camera, so there are plenty of pictures for that post.

What did you do this weekend?