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May 16, 2013

10 Thursday Things

1. There hasn't been a whole lot going on, and I've just felt quiet. Pensive. Words are hard lately. Then I start to write something thoughtful, and think "that would sound weird after being quiet for so long..." or worse "nobody really cares what I think about this..." and so I don't finish it. I guess I need to just write it, and see what happens.

2. This nail polish. So fun!

3. Only 9 days left of school. It's a weird mix of both excitement and fear. Excitement because summer is coming, and the adventure of our lifetime is beginning. Fear because the adventure of our lifetime is beginning and things are getting ready to kick into high gear.

4. I'm reminding myself daily that the Lord has already gone before us; He laid the plans, and He knows the outcomes, and because we're His children and seeking Him, it will work for good. I'm learning to trust Him in a totally new way. It's exciting, and a little painful.

5. Last night was out last Body Builder's event at church {where we build the church body through fellowship and games}. There was a big potluck, with fried chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, fresh fruit, boiled peanuts {yum!}, and of course, an assortment of desserts. Then there were games; an egg race, water balloon toss, and a three-legged race. You wouldn't be able to tell from the outside, but I'm a super competitive person when it comes to sports, especially summery/campy games.

6. From that, I learned that my perfect job would be a summer camp counselor, where you're there for a few weeks and get to do games like this all the time. I enjoy them way too much.
7. I had an absolute Anne-moment {Anne of Green Gables, for those deprived souls out there} last night during the three-legged race. All I could think about was her running and winning the race with Diana Berry. I'm not Anne, and I didn't run with Diana Berry, but Carole Ann and I ran a fantastic race, and won first place two out of three times. During the second race, we fell, and it was unfortunately caught on camera.

Does anyone else associate three-legged races with Anne Shirley? No? Just me then? Okay.

8. Speaking of Anne, I heard about a book written all about "dreamer" children/people. We really are our own breed of souls. I'm thinking about writing my own piece about that type of personality, maybe it would give you some insight into some of my oddities.

9. This weather makes me want to spend all of my time outdoors. The lovebugs, however, make me want to be inside a giant bubble.

10. The Lord is testing me by sending lizards after me. I have an irrational and uncontrollable fear of them. So I live in Florida, and am moving to Papua New Guinea. One lives on my back porch, and sits by my sliding door staring into the house. The other day, there was a gigantic one in my classroom. I called in reinforcements in the form of two brothers to remove the tiny dinosaur who had come for my soul.