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May 20, 2013


That's how long my little blog has been around as of today. It's a little hard to believe actually. This blog has been there through so much in the last two years.

{in no particular order...}
First days as a newlywed.                          Cooking.
Moving across the country.                     New Tribes Mission.
Twice.                                                               Anxiety.
Glasses and migraines.                               Sugar-Intolerance.
Pilot stuff.                                                        Friendship.
God things.                                                 Laughter.
Joy.                                                                    Family.
Tears.                                                                 Love.
Craftiness.                                                       Anniversary {x2}.

And I know that you'll still be there for all that God brings into our lives in the years to come. I still don't know what kind of blogger I am, because I don't really know what I actually write about, since I just write about life. And that's okay. It's me. I am still so amazed when I see that people are reading or commenting, that there is actually someone interested in my little ramblings in this little corner of the internet I call mine.

So, as we head into year three of the Lovely Life, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for being interested in the little things I write; I know that they're kind of crazy, sentimental, and sometimes strange. Despite all of that, I hope that you've seen the love of Christ here, or found a kindred spirit, been blessed, or at least entertained.