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Aug 17, 2013

One Week

It's been one whole week since we arose before the sun, packed the last of our earthly belongings into our car, loaded the car onto a transport, and hit the open road on our next big adventure. By God's grace, there were no tears that morning, just heartache.
I admit, I actually enjoyed the drive. We passed some of the most breathtaking places and views, and drove through the heart of some achingly beautiful mountains. We saw sunsets and sunrises. Blue skies and rain. God's glorious creation was at every turn; constant reminders that we are in His world and that He is good and mighty and so, so beautiful.

He blessed us in other ways, too. An envelope to cover an extra night at the hotel in Indianapolis so we could catch our breath; a former MK {missionary kid} who knew NTM and paid for our breakfast at Chick-fil-A {p.s. who knew there was Chick-fil-A that far north?!}. There were people when we arrived in Waukesha to help us unload the truck, show us around, and get us semi-settled. Still more people who brought us food on the first day, introduced us to the kitchen (which gives out leftovers every few days), and made us feel welcome.
We still feel that heaviness of heart at times, but it's not unbearable, and once we get into a routine I'm sure it will become lighter. It helps knowing that we carry our friends and family in our hearts; that we can reach out to them at any time through the wide array of social media, email, and phone calls; and that they are lifting us up in prayer.

Tomorrow morning we're going to try out a local church, but it will bring it's own brand of sadness because it's not our church. {Dare I say, "yet"?} After that we have registration and orientation, and classes start on Wednesday. As of right now, we haven't met too many people, apart from several of Josh's MK friends from high school and Papua New Guinea. I know that will all come, but right now I feel out of place and awkward.
Despite all of that, I know that this is where God has placed us, and that this is good, because He is good. What comfort that is!

Thanks for praying safely up here, and for continuing to pray as we get settled and start classes! I'll be putting some pictures up of our new home soon!