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Oct 3, 2013


Since I grew up in Florida, I never really got to experience a true fall. We used to go on trips, usually coinciding with a dance competition or reenactment, every year during the fall and we would see all of the beautiful colors, feel the cool air, and go apple picking. Then we'd go back to Florida where the leaves went from green to brown with very little in between, and you'd be crazy to wear boots and scarves in the heat.

Now that I live in Wisconsin, I've gotten to see the seasons really change. It began with a beautiful ending of summer, slow and sweet; golden light, occasionally hot weather, and afternoon storms. It soon mellowed into crisp weather, colorful leaves, boots, and scarves. Beautiful to see, and beautiful to experience.
This weekend I went with a group of sweet ladies to the farmer's market where we saw all manner of fresh flowers ($6 for a bouquet! be still my heart!), and all manner of fresh produce. I also ate my first real Wisconsin cheese (delicious!). We came back just in time for Zumba class in the gym, and then settled around my kitchen table with cups of coffee for some sweet fellowship.

Lots and lots of students here work at a charming little orchard called The Elegant Farmer. Josh and I took a little trip outside of Waukesha to visit the orchard. It was busy, but wonderful. We picked apples, drank apple cider, ate apple cider donuts, and came home with an amazing apple crisp.
It was a delightfully fall kind of weekend. This is about the last of the "warm" weather we'll have up here, as it's going to get cold quickly. I've already been breaking in the beautiful boots Josh bought me for my birthday, and have discovered that skinny jeans + granny sweaters + boots is not only comfortable and warm, but it's the fashion! Seeing as how I  love to frequent Goodwill and Hospice thrift stores, and don't often follow fashion, this is a total score for me!

I'm a little wary of the cold weather, not the mention the snow and ice that will come soon... *preemptive shiver* but I am looking forward to cozy clothes, hot mugs of yumminess, bonfires, and more delightful colors!
What are some of your fall favorites or traditions?