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Oct 25, 2013

Make Your Own Pumpkin

So this happened last night... Yeah, guys. Snow. I definitely may or may not have excitedly told my friends and run outside in my big coat and boots to dance in the little flakes and take pictures of them. It all melted pretty quickly, but it happened. I'm sure I'll be super excited about the snow until the newness of it wears off and suddenly I'll be very tired of it. But right now... SNOW!

But that's not what I wanted to share today...

Last week I lamented inwardly that I had zero fall/seasonal decor in my house. Little did I know, that my mom had sent some happy mail with some crafty fall stuff in it. That was all I needed to get my crafty on.
How cute are these? And they're so easy to make. Let me show you!

First, you need some supplies:
A roll of toilet paper
A fat quarter of fabric
Fabric for a leaf
Paper bag
First, cut out your leaves; you want a little bit of a longer stem. Place the roll of toilet paper in the center of your fat quarter of fabric and then tuck, tuck, tuck it in. Put your leaf on top of your pumpkin. Roll up a section of the paper bag to resemble a stem. Shove that puppy right down in the center so that it holds the leaf and the fabric all together and tidy. Ta-dah! You have now successfully made a pumpkin.

The best part about these? When you need to pack up and move (like, to another country... ahem) all that you have to bring is the little fabric pieces (which you already have cut out - woop woop!) and then use toilet paper and a paper bag that you get in your new location! [Almost] Instant decor.

Put them on different level stands and add a candle for ambiance.

I'm not really into the whole pumpkin fall craze, but even I have to admit that these are super cute. Good luck with your pumpkin making!
P.S. My next DIY will be showing you how to make your very own infinity scarf! Eee!