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Nov 29, 2013

Found: Christmas Cheer

Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a marvelous day with family, friends, and good cheer. The Deans of Marrieds up here had a tremendous feast for those that didn't make it home for the holiday. It was a sweet afternoon of food and fellowship - my favorite. I brought some Southern charm to the meal, with collard greens and confetti corn; I'm glad to say that they were a big hit. It's all about how you make them. And all about the grease.
Last year at this time I was discovering what anxiety was, and learning how to deal with it. It sort of put a damper on the whole "Christmas spirit" thing, and to be honest, I had zero holiday cheer. I didn't want to decorate, I didn't want Christmas music, I didn't feel like it was a special time of year, even though I tried. Desperately.

That was strange for me, because I simply love Christmas and decorating and general cheer-ness.

This year, the contrast is remarkable. I've been humming Christmas songs, and actually enjoying the cold weather and snow (however briefly the enjoyment lasts). I even went Christmas caroling with the rest of Waukesha to break the Guinness book world record for the most people caroling. God is so good!
Not expecting to be in the USA for another Christmas, we gave away all of our decorations last year. The tree. The lights. The ornaments. Anything that wouldn't fit in a suitcase to PNG went to new homes. Well, here we are, a year later still in the states and no decorations. And I'm not very well going to go buy new decorations just to have to get rid of them in a few months.

So I improvised.

I got two big packs of double-sided Christmas scrapbook paper for my birthday. I did some research on Pinterest (where else, really?), and found so many creative ways to decorate without spending any money.

Here's what I came up with:

Circles and stars! I love how they turned out!

I've already had people ask me how I made them, so I'm going to work on getting up a tutorial this week so you can make some for your house! I know I promised to show you how to make an infinity scarf next, and I will, but I don't have a tshirt to make it out of right now... Soon, though!

What are your favorite DIY's for the holidays? I'd love to hear them - and make them, of course!