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Dec 10, 2013

Out of My Element

Y'all! I am so out of my element up here. It is VERY COLD (like into the negatives... ugh), there is snow and snow salt everywhere, I can't take a step without sliding, and usually have more than one pair of mittens on at a time. I used to laugh when people said that peoples' blood was thinner in the South where it's warm, it just sounded so ridiculous, but now I know that it's actually true. The people up here seriously have blood made out of cheese or something else that insulates them. They're not totally immune to the cold, but it does seem to effect them less. And they take some weird delight in telling me that this is "nothing," but to wait until January or February which are "the worst." Thanks, guys.
For the last year-ish, since we knew we were coming up here, Josh has been telling me that snow is nasty and inconvenient and dangerous. I didn't really believe him, because gosh-darn-it, snow is pretty, and sparkly, and you can build pretty things with it! Well, I believe him now. Sunday morning it snowed a ton, and we ended up driving home with the roads in awful condition. There were sliding cars everywhere, and somebody got rear-ended next to us at the stop light. It took us about an hour and a half to make a 20 minute drive, since everyone was driving about 15mph. We found out later that there was a 40+ car pileup on a different highway later on in the day. I spent the entire drive covering my face with my mittened hands and just praying that no one would hit us and that we wouldn't slide around the corners too much. Not to mention biting my tongue nearly off, because I'm one of those passengers who makes noise when something happens; it's totally involuntary, but it drives Josh crazy. Josh told me I looked pretty cute like that, I just told him to keep both hands on the wheel and his mind on the road.
While I may not like driving, or riding, or walking in the snow, I actually kind of enjoy sitting at home when it's snowing outside. It's pretty as it falls and gathers on the trees, it sparkles in the light like glitter, and when you're sitting at home under a blanket with something hot to drink, it's pretty delightful. So maybe I should just become a bear and hibernate in my house all winter so I don't have to go outside IN the snow, but I can still look at it.

But since we are heading to Florida THIS WEEK for break, I knew that my mother would never forgive me if I didn't make at least one snow man before I saw her. So yesterday I did. Apparently there's something called "packy snow" and something else called "powdery snow." One is good for snow men, and one isn't. I don't know the difference, but luckily for me, there were some big chunks of snow from the snow plow so all it took was some lifting and stacking of the chunks to make Mambo (because he kind of looks like the penguin from Happy Feet).
I may not have a Christmas tree or lights this year, but the whole school is decked out in their holiday best right now. Last week was a party for the Marrieds and Staff. There was food, hot coffee, lights, "fireplace" TV's, lots of laughter, fellowship, and a white elephant ornament exchange.

Josh is a boss at that game and always manages to come out of it with the best gift. This year was no different and he strategically stole and traded gifts until he ended up with the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha instant coffee packets and holiday mug ornament.
B23 has never looked so cozy!
Photo by Stefanie Cateriny 2013
As if we didn't already have proof that the Married's have the best deans... this is one corner of the Married's lounge. Isn't it just beautiful? I simply had to stop and soak it up when I passed by yesterday. I just love all of the lights and greenery!

We have one more day of classes, and then two big tests, and then we'll be Florida bound for the rest of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas, y'all!