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Feb 10, 2014

Sweater to Cardigan DIY

Last week I shared my hair horror story, and I also mentioned that I was working on a tutorial for a DIY Cardigan made out of a sweater. Over Christmas break, a friend of mine gave me an oversized sweater that didn't really fit anyone. I took it and decided that it could be delightfully repurposed so that it could be layered with other things, and still be both cute and warm. This was super easy to do, and is great to just throw over with some skinny jeans and boots.

First thing - gather your materials.

You'll need:
-A sweater {I used an oversized sweater, but any sweater would work}
-Sharp scissors
-Needle + matching thread {to make this a NO-SEW project, use hem-tape!}
-Buttons {optional}

*Lay out your sweater, match the seams, and mark center. *Cut straight up the front of the sweater on your center line. *Fold the seam under (so it's hidden inside the sweater), and *quick stitch it in place {or use your fancy hem-tape!}.

That's it!!
I felt like my sweater needed a little something more, so I added some cheap buttons to spruce it up a bit more, and make it a little more old fashioned. This didn't take very long even though I did my stitching by hand, but if you had a sewing machine, or some hem-tape it would take even less time!

Get creating, and have fun!