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Feb 19, 2014

Gold Polka Dot & Sharpie Mug DIY

I have another DIY for you today! I really meant for this to be up earlier, but then life happened and I just didn't. This past Christmas we were in Florida with family, and we were planning on not doing any presents at all, since we really just didn't have the funds for it. This just killed me. I love to give little gifts, even if they're really not worth much, I feel like it just shows love, appreciation, and thought. That's just me.

In the end, we decided that we could do this... since I was making it myself, it was insanely easy, and ultimately cost less than $4 per gift!

I followed this tutorial from The Inspired Room, with a few modifications of my own.

You'll need:
White mugs (I got mine at Bath & Body Works, with a coupon!)
Glass paint
Sponge brushes (I used little circles, obviously)
Glass Paint Marker

*Clean your cup really well, and try to avoid touching it too much after it's clean; the oils from your hands can cause the paint/marker to not stick. Let it dry completely.
*Draw your design with your glass marker. It can be a quote, a picture, a verse, anything you want! (This step is totally optional, but I love it! So many options!)
*Stamp on your polka dots.
*Let it dry for 24 hours before moving on.

*Set your mug(s) on the top rack in a cold oven (starting with a cold oven prevents cracking from extreme temperature changes).
*Crank up the heat to 425 Fahrenheit and let it cook for 30 minutes.
*Once the thirty minutes are up, turn off the oven and let it get cold again before removing your mugs. (Again, this is to prevent cracking.)
*Wash your mug, and enjoy!

Some other great tutorials are HERE and HERE (she has a lot of great little tips!). If you still don't know what kind of design to do, Pinterest has tons of ideas.

I made several of these little beauties, most of them with a quote or a verse on them, and I ended up keeping one to enjoy, too. This would be great to give as a teacher gift, too. Put in a giftcard or some pretty tea bags and you're good to go!

Hope you have fun with this easy, pretty craft! Now go get your crafty on!  :)