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Mar 15, 2014


We've had the first tease of spring! Two separate days of beauty. All of the snow is pretty much melted, with some exceptions, and I even heard birds start singing. Glorious.

Unfortunately, they're calling for more snow flurries sporadically over the next week. I suppose I'll live.
Today is Tribal Cup here at Waukesha, which means that there's a myriad of red and black roaming the school, new faces, war paint, team chants, and quite the competitive spirit infecting everyone. It's not all competition, though, there is quite a bit of fellowship with the Jackson students to remind us that we're all actually on the same "team" and all brothers in Christ.

Maybe I'm just getting old or something, but this week feels like it has been three times as long as usual. I don't ever remember being so swamped or so tired from doing schoolwork. There was a conversation this week between my married friend and a single girl where the single girl marveled at the 10pm "married bed time" which is "so early!" to her. Sigh.
In chapel this week we were told that "Sometimes, the most spiritual thing you can do is: take a nap." I think I'm gonna go take that advice to heart...