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Mar 6, 2014

Spring Fever Ramblings

Halfway. We're already halfway through the semester, and I've hardly written a thing. We just started a new class, and have been totally slammed with homework. It doesn't look much better for the coming few weeks, either.

There's not a whole lot of variety in a day here, especially because we're still getting regular snowstorms. Spring Fever has definitely infected everyone. Even Wisconsinites are sick of this winter, saying it's the worst they've ever seen. I've proven to everyone at the school that I am not cut out for ice and snow, as I am literally a hazard to myself. I've fallen 4 times this winter, spraining my knee, bruising my elbow, and pretty much destroying any pride I might have had. I started making a game out of it with facebook statuses. I can't win, so I might as well laugh. It hurts less. :)

This week the temps are supposed to creep above freezing and I'm hoping that means that spring is real and not just something I imagined. I'm beginning to doubt even as I scour the snow for signs that spring is coming, to no avail.

This time last year we had just learned that we were coming here, and I was trying to imagine life in a studio apartment. Now I'm trying to imagine what the next year will look like... Right now it looks like: giving away 97% of our belongings, packing the rest to go onto a shipping container bound for PNG, a plane trip to Belgium for a wedding/visiting Josh's family, a roadtrip to Arizona, a new (to us) home in the desert of Arizona, more training, and more traveling.

It's sounds so weird and high-faluting to say that we're going to Belgium over the summer. I mean, who does that? Funnily enough when you crunch the numbers, it winds up being cheaper for us to spend the summer in Europe than to stay in America. Plus, we get the added bonus of being with family, and the opportunity to share our ministry while we're there! By the time we get back (and cuddle all of our friends' brand new babies!) we'll have just enough time to make the three-day drive to Arizona and start the next phase of our training on the way to PNG!

I'm starting to ramble, so I'll just wrap this up until the next chance I get to peek up from my books for a moment to write. Things are going to get more exciting as the weather warms up!