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Apr 15, 2014

Step of Faith

God has been doing some amazing things around here, y'all!

A couple of weeks ago Josh spoke at our Wisconsin church's missions luncheon; we passed around prayer cards and a sign up sheet for our email updates, talked about what we're going to be doing, and got to meet many new people. We've really wanted to get to know the people in our church, make connections, and really do some serious partnership development. Unfortunately, we haven't the time, availability or opportunities to devote to really getting to know people.
This semester I've been struck with the idea of taking a "step of faith." It's not a blind leap into the unknown, but an intentional directed step.

The week after that missions luncheon, we were challenged with the idea of Josh quitting his job now instead of the week before school ends. We spent time thinking and praying about it, and realized that this was our step of faith. Within fifteen minutes of us deciding that Josh would hand in his notice the next day, we received an email wanting to know more about our ministry.

That was two weeks ago, and as of Saturday, Josh and I are now in full-time partnership development (PD) mode.
This means that we have more time to visit and get to know people, have much more availability, and are even more excited to see what the Lord is going to do! We've even entered into the realm of interviews and "putting a face with the name" opportunities via Skype. If you want to get involved, just let us know - we would seriously love to just get to know you better! No strings attached here, y'all - just honest to goodness getting to know each other relationship building. Of course, if the Lord moves you to join our team, we won't argue. :-)

So that's our big news as of late. Join me in praising God for guiding us in this step of faith, and pray with us that this will be a fruitful time with many opportunities for growth.