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May 14, 2014

Yes and No

School is officially done, and our one year at New Tribes Bible School has now come to an end. Like the rest of this life we've chosen, it's a little bittersweet -- so excited to move on, yet sad to leave the people we love.
The suitcases have been dusted off, boxes packed, and our house is literally down to the bare minimum now, as we've given or sold most of everything else.

So many people have asked me lately if that's hard, as a wife, because most of those things were wedding gifts. The answer is yes, and no. Yes because I'm the sentimental type and these things have been mine for three years now, they were the things my little family set up shop with, and the things that I've learned to use and get stuff done with. And no because they're just things, and I've seen firsthand that they are blessing the people who are receiving them; in a way, I guess, I can keep the sentimentality of it by remembering that I'm helping to set up other new little family's homes with things that I know are good to have.

On the other hand, it's super easy to keep my house looking tidy and clean these days! ;-)
Another good thing about all of this, is that we've met with someone new almost every night this week in order to build relationships and our support team. As a result, we've been able to avoid eating takeout on paper plates every night this week.

The next time I write, I'll probably be in another country. We leave Monday morning bright and early for our flight taking us to Belgium for the summer. I'll still be able to post pictures while I'm there, so keep following the facebook page to see what's going on! See you across the pond!