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Jun 21, 2014

2 Weeks & 4 Pictures

It's been almost 1 month since we arrived in Belgium. I still can't believe that we are actually able to spend time here with family and friends; the ways that the Lord has provided for and during this trip are too numerous to count. I almost don't even want to tell you about all the awesome things we've done and seen, so you won't judge me or think we just arbitrarily take awesome trips to Europe on a whim. We don't. This is totally the Lord; because on our own, this never would have happened.

I know I've been really slow at writing lately, and I promise that once I catch up I will right more and regularly. Monday I was in the hospital to get my (very sideways) wisdom teeth removed, and my brain has been a bit fuzzy during recovery; I started writing several times (since I had hours on the couch to kill), but I had a hard time focusing on anything. For those of you praying -- thank you! :)
The North Sea
Since the wedding we've had time to see a lot of this beautiful country, Belgium. The day after, we visited Oostende, a coastal town where a "sail-in" was going on. It was amazing to see the sheer size of those ships; yet it looks so effortless when they sail. Since the town sits right on the North Sea, I got to put my toes in. I'm keeping track of where my feet have been on Instagram.

There is another couple from America who is also visiting here; they're longtime friends of the Verdonck family and we love them dearly. It's been so fun to see their reactions to Belgian things that I see as fairly normal now.
We visited a national park where you can do a barefoot walk. It's a path with all sorts of surfaces for your nekkid tootsies to encounter: mud, water, stones, shells, wood, sand, gravel, you name it, we walked it! It was such a fun, summer experience! We definitely need something like that in America.

Last week, we had a lovely visit with the bride and groom and went for a tour of their beautiful city, Gent. We visited St. Baaf's Cathedral; a truly magnificent cathedral full of breathtaking beauty. There was even a lovely boat tour of the city, which is rich in history and beauty. At the end of the day, there were never-ending, delicious ribs at Amadeus. I'm so glad we could visit them and see their lovely city!
Thursday is open market day in Genk. And Friday we went to Boon, a chocolate factory/coffee shop in Hasselt. I had coffee, since I can't do sugar, but just smelling the chocolate was enough for even the most daring chocolate-lover!
And that's you caught up! I promise I'll write more regularly now that I'm feeling better. Thanks for following our adventure!